Fitness Equipment: Detoxify Yourself

Are you ready to detoxify? Do you want to clean out the daily gluttony of life’s incessant need to think, plan, listen, do this, and do that? Does every day seem like a ‘case of the Mondays?’ We have a solution –rather a prescription–to help cleanse your mind and your body, all without wildly expensive and likely unhealthy chemicals. Unbelievably, this prescription all starts with fitness equipment, a pair of headphones, and your favorite music.

See, exercise does more than make one simply look and feel good. Losing weight, getting stronger and the natural high from endorphins are amazing benefits. Yet, a little known reward that comes from regular exercise is the ability of our deeply complex biological systems to rid themselves of the many nasty toxins we consume from food and the air we breathe. Whether you run and bicycle for miles, or gyrate and Zumba like a professional flamenco dancer, your blood will be circulating nutrients to your organs, and you will find yourself sweating out many of those ghastly toxins.

For those that find that running, pedaling and dancing isn’t their cup of tea, or those where the pull of daily chores doesn’t allow time to wash away the workday pollutants, much less the ones inside; at-home fitness equipment may be the answer to helping your body feel fantastic. In fact, today, fitness equipment is nearly replacing the need for expensive gym memberships and personal trainers. New exercise technologies are allowing users get all of the same the fitness benefits in fun and meaningful ways without ever leaving the house. Not only does the fitness equipment user get to workout with a virtual personal trainer right from home, real-time feedback makes exercise fun.

There aren’t any fancy tools, or funny chemicals necessary to clean out the doldrums of a tough day, and help free your insides from toxicity. Simply, put on your exercise shoes, turn up the volume, dust off your bicycle, or just push, pull, punch or kick your fitness equipment. Your brain stem will become happily energized and you will help purge those vile built-up toxins from your body, all while having fun.


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