Fitness at Home: The Great Mental Shift

The Great Shift. It happens every year and in fact is likely happening as you read this. The arrival of autumn and the nearness of winter signal the imminent arrival of change. The transformation occurs with more than just shorter days, rain, snow and colder temperatures. It’s a mental shift as we ponder and contemplate whether we simply hibernate, watch football and eat chicken wings, or use this time to break out the fitness equipment, eat right and come out of the chilly seasons feeling healthy, happy and looking like we’ve enjoyed an endless summer.

Yet, a fitness at home regimen can be a challenge for many people who lack the proper enthusiasm and structure that a guided training program provides. Exercising without any sort of organized and concentrated plan can easily become as chaotic and unfocused as a beginning jazz student trying improvisation for the first time. Much of this stems from the fact that most home fitness equipment on the market today are just uninteresting inanimate objects. Without the proverbial kick in the pants, fitness at home can become boring and lose its luster, making self-motivation much more difficult. Most people like to exercise from home because it offers convenience, but it’s also simple to become lost in an aimless assortment of exercises that provide little benefit or inspiration.

At Nexersys, when developing our fitness equipment, we realized that whether you are training in Mixed Martial Arts, want to improve your game, or just want to lose weight and feel fantastic, the Great Shift requires a fitness at home plan that centers on helping users stay motivated through structured guidance. This also requires fitness equipment that engages and interacts–just like a live personal trainer. The Nexersys is a kicking and striking machine that measures and displays the force of your strikes along with calories, heart rate and more; plus, it provides coaching and interaction.

What does that mean for your fitness at home program this winter? It means you can be sure not to wander directionless, performing random exercises, only to become more passionate about the couch and television than your health.


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