Fitness Machines: Technology is Driving the New Fitness Landscape

You could wiggle, shimmy and bounce your way through fitness routines with all the gusto of a hummingbird who just drank a can of Red Bull. Yet, losing weight, feeling healthy and require more than just random unstructured body movements that make you sweat. In fact, choosing the best workouts can become brilliantly frustrating. Finding the best workout routines can almost become like buying a pair of shoes or setting up a cell phone contract. You become exhausted just researching the best choice before you’ve ever moved a body part. However, today’s fitness machine is literally changing the game.

Within the last decade, we have seen technology change the world. While most of these advancements have been made within the world of mobile phones and tablet computers, fitness equipment has been quietly changing the way we keep fit. Rather than scheduling our days around driving to and from a gym, bounding aimlessly amongst treadmills and Zumba classes, we now have more options than ever.  The choices not only allow us to exercise from home, but also potentially ditch those stacks of exercise DVD’s that sit collecting dust. In fact, the days of fitness equipment sitting idly in the corner or garage – because despite the high price paid to own them, using them was boorishly uninteresting – has become a thing of the past. Some fitness equipment have transformed into a mechanism that we experience as opposed to just using.

The Nexersys is an example of the changing landscape of fitness equipment. Not only does this highly developed fitness equipment deliver the motivation of a personal trainer, the workout structure guides the user through an optimal combination of cardio, strength, endurance and mental sharpness. That means choosing the best workouts are much easier. Although, rather than a tedious humdrum process of simply following along, the intelligent “Exergaming” qualities create a superior level of interaction and well – fun. It’s been said that, in life, sometimes it’s not the end that’s important but how we get there. In designing the Nexersys, our goal was to make fitness equipment a part of how you get there.


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