Great Home Workout with Nexersys Avatar Exergaming Rounds

Nexersys includes Avatar gaming rounds that test your skills by challenging your speed, agility and power. Nexersys is a perfect fun stress reliever for adults and offers fun gaming for kids by combining the latest in exercise equipment and interactive gaming. With the child mode, kids can get in a great workout without even knowing it!

Strike zones on the Avatar light up in blue telling the user where to throw strikes or combos in a limited time frame. You accrue points for double, triple and quadruple combos as well as blocks against the avatar’s punches. The game increases in difficulty as the user moves through levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This type of interactive fitness allows the user to go against the on-screen avatar and compete with multiple players in tournament style mode or a workout in the Nexersys training mode.

The rounds are designed for users to analyze their improvement and get personalized feedback on performance such as accuracy, power and strike count. The gaming workouts make workouts fun and keep users from getting bored. This revolution in interactive fitness provides over 100 training videos and avatar rounds. Nexersys provides a great home workout routine!

Check out our video to sample avatar rounds.

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