Personal Training in a Technology World

We all know that getting fit and healthy means that we need to sacrifice something. It means exercising regularly to help us lose weight, tone muscle and minimize health risks. It means getting off the couch, putting away the Doritos and creating a schedule and fitness goals for ourselves. Inspiration can be an all-important factor in getting us to wake up, get moving and to stop making excuses for why we can’t exercise. Sometimes that inspiration might stem from having personal trainer kicking you in the proverbial pants, helping you to follow a path toward a healthy body and sharp mind.

Most of us need a little encouragement and guidance from time-to-time. That’s just the nature of humanity. While others are internally driven to succeed and meet our fitness goals, some people could use a personal trainer not unlike a drill sergeant. Personal trainers are much like having a Sherpa guide you up a mountain. They coordinate and direct you through strategically crafted fitness plans, provide feedback and give you the edge necessary to transform a sedentary lifestyle into one of performance.

Yet, not everyone has the time or inclination to have an actual person aid him or her with an exercise program. Fortunately, technology has given rise to the virtual personal trainer. In fact, both fitness equipment and even video games are turning the entire fitness industry into one where users receive the benefits of having a personal trainer that provides feedback and tailored fitness training right from the comfort of home. Exergaming, as it’s called, combines the fun of game play with the unique focus of exercise, providing users with genuine home workouts, real-time feedback and engagement similar to a flesh and blood personal trainer. These new computerized fitness programs have truly transformed personal training within in a high technology world into a realm where your trainer becomes a virtual entity. The beauty of these advancements mean your personal trainer help you achieve your fitness goals without your need to ever leave your house.


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