An Alternative to the Sedentary Lifestyle

Not surprisingly, studies show that video games may make you obese. Well, the Nexersys is not exactly your run-of-the-mill video game. You will not be training your thumbs to click at buttons as fast as they possibly can in a simulated Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) match.

Nexersys trains your core — the high intensity cardio will make you sweat. And most importantly, it incorporates mixed martial arts fighting strategies that will engage your mind and body. During your workout, you’ll strike the seven padded accelerometers for instantaneous exercise feedback, all while playing an interactive video game. Sounds fun and challenging, doesn’t it?

Studies also show that certain video games — exergaming in particular — can help you stay fit and control weight. While it might seem obvious that interacting with a digital apparatus and participating in physical fitness at the same time will improve your health, the challenge between video games and exercise is the ability for man or woman and machine to interact in a manner that actually physically trains the user. A major part of training is the ability for the video game coach to provide real-time feedback and exercise results to the user, creating an experience that will help him or her stay motivated to continue training.

The Nexersys is designed specifically within the exergaming realm, empowering physical fitness, instantaneous feedback and the ability to interact with a video game type of fitness system.  An unlimited number of unique training programs help engage and push the user to enthusiastically train alongside a virtual coach. Inspired by MMA training, the popularity of Tae Bo and other striking exercises, users can practice what they’ve learned by working through unlimited free-form strike rounds.

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