Transitioning Your High-Intensity Life to High-Intensity Exercise

Let’s face it; our lives are crammed with the on-the-go demands of work and domestic responsibilities. We train ourselves to follow our daily routines and respond to life’s ceaseless changes. We eat fast, drive faster and strive to find just a few moments to exercise. But, who has time for a workout anymore? You do! It’s time to transition your high-intensity lifestyle to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the Nexersys, a new interactive fitness equipment system that incorporates elements of HIIT and MMA training. If you are new to HIIT, don’t fret. A few simple guidelines will have you kicking and striking your way to a “Hard Body, Sharp Mind” in no time.

HIIT is a fantastic exercise regimen for those with a hurried lifestyle. This workout system does not require hours spent at the gym — and the travel time to and from the gym — or the purchase of weight systems, mats and several hundred-dollar shoes. HIIT workouts using the Nexersys help to increase power, speed and endurance and to burn more calories than low to moderate intensity workout systems. Short exercise sessions alternate bursts of extremely intense activity by striking and kicking the seven padded accelerometers, with slower – yet still intense – intervals. The highly concentrated nature of short but powerful sessions keeps your body guessing and therefore working even after your workout to elevate your metabolism and burn calories.

Whether you are just getting into a HIIT workout system or are transitioning from a lower-intensity regimen, HIIT is very beneficial, but it can be uniquely challenging. One should always consult his/her physician prior to embarking on a workout program of this magnitude, especially those moving from a sedentary lifestyle to the strength and forcefulness of HIIT. It may help to begin with moderate activity and build up to higher-intensity levels. Always start your exercise session with a warm-up routine and assess your fitness level, physical and mental state before and after. You can adjust your training to accommodate your desire for intensity and interval and build yourself up to your goals.

HIIT is an impressive and efficient way to get in shape, stay in shape and feel great. It also fits in well with busy lifestyles. Nevertheless, it is always good to remember that focusing on the quality of your workout – whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro – will yield better results than pushing too hard, too fast.


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