Martial Arts Benefits in the Virtual Realm

You don’t have to be a karate student in training, preparing for a bout with Georges St. Pierre, to reap the benefits of martial arts exercise. In fact, starting this July, you won’t even have to leave your own house. More than just another piece of home fitness equipment, the Nexersys will have you physically and mentally prepared for the beach, office or perhaps your first scrap inside “The Octagon.” That is because the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) integrated into the Nexersys does more than just improve anaerobic capacity and reduce fat.

Many people think of the practice of fighting arts such as judo, jujutsu and boxing as combat sports or self-defense techniques. While these core features are invariably some of the primary benefits practitioners receive, the
“art of warfare” has numerous additional advantages, the most popular of which may well be increased fitness level. Exercise also transcends simple fitness, resulting in an increase in mental focus, coordination, balance and discipline.

Our power packed fitness machine combines each of these elements into the world’s first interactive, intelligent striking and fitness gaming machine for commercial and consumer use. It is almost like having your own personal UFC trainer joining you at the gym or exercising with you at home.  Punching and kicking seven padded accelerometers will challenge your physical and mental dexterity, as well as your balance. Of course, for any fitness machine user, it takes discipline to keep at it. That is why the Nexersys interacts with and provides measurable real-time feedback to the user, helping you reach your fitness goals by engaging both your body and your mind. We believe that a true fitness machine, providing entertainment and a real connection with the user, takes the advantages of martial arts training into the virtual realm.

The buzz is happening right now. If you are ready to discover how “Hard Body, Sharp Mind” can help you; simply visit our homepage where you can sign-up and receive free details via our exclusive launch notification tool.

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