Become Your Own Fitness Story

Look in just about any health and exercise magazine or website today and you will likely find an abundance of triumphant fitness stories and advertisements. Average folks will describe how they underwent a life changing transformation from a pudgy figure resembling Family Guy’s Peter Griffin to the tight physique of characters like Arnold “Terminator” Schwarzenegger within a few months. Are these fitness stories a product of creative marketing and unabashed digital image manipulation? Does it matter how you become encouraged to make a change?

We cannot always judge the credibility of many fitness stories, but the truth remains that real physical transformation is the result of hard work, dedication and an unquestionable commitment to lifestyle change. For the person who prefers exercising at home, the devotion it takes to go from a sedentary existence to a healthy standard of living can be challenging. Daily routines and responsibilities can easily send us into tailspins, leaving little time and energy to exercise. Yet, great fitness stories can provide new inspiration found deep within our desires to overcome life’s daily obstacles.

The home workout can be just as powerful in changing our physical and mental well being as packing a duffel bag, filling up the gas tank and heading to the local gym. Technological advancements in home fitness equipment – specifically where exergaming is concerned – are changing the fitness landscape by creating a motivating and interactive environment. The ability of today’s fitness equipment to provide users with fitness routines they can easily adhere to and engage with, are helping individuals stay stimulated and focused on creating their own personal fitness stories.

Whether you decide to hit the gym for a few hours per day or workout from the comfort of your own home, the best fitness stories follow a recipe of sheer determination inspired by those that were successful before them at creating inspiring physical and mental change.


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