Mixed Martial Arts Training: It’s More Than Technique That Wins

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters are some of the toughest, well-rounded athletes found in the entire sports world. Honing and perfecting their skills in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Wrestling for years, these fierce competitors can withstand round after round of vicious poundings. Yet, what separates many professional mixed martial arts athletes from amateur fighters goes beyond knowledge of technique. Crisp striking, leg kicks, unstoppable takedowns, and a scary ground game are just some of what it takes to win MMA battles.

While skill is required to compete in mixed martial arts fighting, just a few jabs, defensive movements and the complex battle for control can find even the most talented MMA fighters gasping for air. Without proper conditioning, slower movements and less striking power can equal a debilitating loss to a less skilled opponent. The best fighters avoid gassing out early using comprehensive conditioning programs to improve their aerobic, anaerobic capacity, muscular endurance and core strength. Frequent fitness equipment use can help build you to your goals.

The Nexersys is a cutting-edge interactive fitness equipment that brings mixed martial arts conditioning to an entirely new level. Unique exercise programs deliver exciting, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), ideal for anyone looking to burn fat, increase energy and look their best. Yet, this striking machine measures and displays the force of your strikes along with calories, heart rate and more; plus, it provides coaching and interaction — much like having your very own  personal MMA conditioning program in your own home. HIIT is also a fantastic way to vary routines that help prevent the dreaded fitness plateau that can occur when the body begins adapting to exercise habits. The strike-pad workout also combines the aerobic and anaerobic workout and core strength training necessary to maximize movement and power.

Because the Nexersys is inspired by mixed martial arts fighting, conditioning is not the only factor built into the fitness equipment. Users will challenge their physical, mental dexterity and balance when punching and kicking the seven padded accelerometers, thus sharpening their stand-up fighting technique. Of course, for any user of fitness machines, it takes the discipline of a true warrior to keep focus. Yet, the benefits of combining fighting skill and superb conditioning can make the difference between victory and defeat.



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