Best Leg Workout: Kickbox Your Way to Great Legs

Behind the legs is the best leg workout. While beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, no one would argue against having powerful, well-toned legs. Not only do well-toned legs provide better balance and strength to the entire body, but also they look great. So what is the best leg workout you can find to strengthen and tone those legs? Well, many are turning to kickboxing for just that.

The art of kickboxing has been around for centuries, but has only recently been popularized in Western culture. Thanks to movies, celebrities and sports enthusiasts, kickboxing is now considered by many to be the best leg workout available. But what makes people call this sport the “best leg workout?”

First, kickboxing exercises every muscle on and around the legs. Most people attempting to get the best leg workout focus on the hamstrings, quads, thighs and calf muscles, but the best leg workout for sculpting and strengthening the legs will also involve the gluts, hips and ankles. Because kickboxing requires a variety of leg movements, it exercises all of these muscles. Plus, unlike isotonic exercises that focus on one muscle set at a time, kickboxing is an aerobic activity that raises the heart rate and burns fat as well.

Nexersys brings together the worlds of kickboxing, mixed martial arts and fitness equipment to offer the best leg workout available. Going way beyond the traditional home gym, Nexersys has a full set of strike pads, each registering precise data about the angle and force of each blow. As your arms and legs pound the strike pads, the on board personal trainer modifies your fitness plan for the best leg workout results possible. Plus, with the exergames and fitness videos, boredom will never thwart your motivation for personal fitness or diminish your commitment to your fitness goals.

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