Fitness Equipment Company Releases New, Martial Arts-Themed Personal Training Solution

Fitness equipment provider Nexersys Corp. is introducing a new, interactive home gym on the market.

The trainer, which shares its name with its parent company, will incorporate elements of mixed martial arts fighting strategies for a high-intensity, user-directed workout.

Nexersys features a truly unique level of user interactivity.  While other home gyms often feature a platform on which a series of prescribed exercises may be done, the Nexersys experience is actually built around nuanced interaction with its users.

At its core, the Nexersys trainer is a striking machine featuring seven padded accelerometers. The accelerometers gauge how powerfully users strike the pads.  This information, along with caloric burn rate, heart rate and more, will be displayed on a 19-inch flat-screen LCD monitor in order to help provide the user with real-time exercise feedback.

A readout of workout metrics is nothing particularly new in the world of fitness equipment.  Nexersys takes the metrics to a new level by including sophisticated interactive software with sound.  This software uses the monitor to help guide exercisers through a carefully calibrated series of follow-me programs.  These exercises are supplemented with unlimited number of unique training programs using an on-board personal UFC trainer.  Users can practice what they’ve learned by working through unlimited free-form strike rounds.

Nexersys got its start when CEO Terry Jones, who has a strong background in developing and launching products, decided to bring strike-based workouts into the home.  Rather than requiring an exerciser to work directly with a personal trainer, the product Jones had in mind would enable that exerciser to control his or her pace and development in a high-intensity impact training environment.  In order to counteract the loss of the personal trainer while still providing useful training, the exercise equipment would need to feature a then-unprecedented level of user interactivity.  These general ideas, requirements for Jones’s as-of-yet uninvented brainchild, would give shape to the product that is now Nexersys.

In entering the home fitness market, Nexersys is preparing to go toe-to-toe with a slew of highly recognizable brands, including Bowflex and Nautilus.  All told, the industry generates a yearly revenue of roughly $3 billion and consists of around 100 unique companies in the United States alone.  In order to compete more effectively with more established presences in the market, Nexersys hired Craig Gatzlaff, a marketing and sales expert with a successful track record in the industry, to head up the product push.  Gatzlaff has had previous experience working as the Vice President of sales for Nautilus.

Exercise equipment products have evolved dramatically in the past two decades.  The accelerating incorporation of cutting-edge technology into home gyms and other pieces of fitness equipment has led the charge.  At the same time, shifting tastes in experiences in exercise have molded workout habits.  The Nexersys trainer, with its marriage of high-tech interactivity to high-intensity impact training, represents the latest innovation in home fitness.

The Nexersys trainer will be on the market this July and is expected to cost around $1,800, a price point well within the range of comparable home gyms.

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