Home Fitness: Creating the Experience

For some people, exercising at home is merely a necessary evil. Staying focused, keeping disciplined and following a routine can be a major challenge. The process of pushing oneself physically with high-intensity training can be even tougher without a reason to press on. Sometimes, the entire process is well…quite boring, and it can be easy to take your eyes off the prize. But what happens when the process actually becomes fun? Or, when your fitness equipment shows you results while you are working out?

At Nexersys, we believe that fitness is not a necessary and routine progression, filled with mindless movements. Home fitness should create a user experience that helps not only create a hard body, but a sharp mind as well. It is the overall experience that cultivates the mindset to train with motivation, focus and the discipline to achieve our goals. We are social and interactive creatures striving for guidance, results and feedback. That is why we have designed a home fitness machine geared to create a user experience that is rewarding and fun.

Mixing technology and exercise, the training process provides instant feedback to the user. And as a punching and kicking machine, it allows the user to customize high-intensity home workouts with unlimited training programs; essentially, the exercise machine becomes the trainer. Seven padded accelerometers enhance the user experience by measuring kick and strike power. Combining this instant feedback with caloric burn rate and heart rate measurements, a 19-inch flat-screen LCD exhibits visual results.

A great workout should be challenging and fun; however, it should also continue to motivate and help the user achieve solid results. Whether the goal is to shed unwanted pounds, build strength and stamina, or tone muscle, many people exercising from home find that having a total fitness experience provides a great reason to set aside the time and make the effort to maintain aspirations but also to reach new targets.


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