Boxing Equipment: A Way to Get Fit Fast

Have you ever wondered why most professional athletes look as if they were carefully sculpted from a block of granite? It’s as if they were direct descendants from Greek mythology, and Zeus himself thought to bestow incredible power and beauty on them. While it’s true that many of these professionals spend hours each day exercising and honing their craft, some athletes actually incorporate boxing into their routines as a way get fit, improve their cardiovascular endurance and hand-eye coordination. For the average Joe or Jane, boxing is also an extremely efficient method for developing a sound physique.

Even if you aren’t training for the UFC or an amateur bout with Mike Tyson, boxing has many rewards. You won’t need to be a brawler, give your best friend a bloody nose or even join a gym to reap the benefits that boxing provides. As anyone who has shadow boxed or played the boxing game for the Wii knows, you will sweat profusely. That is because boxing is a great form of High Intensity Interval Training, meaning you will burn fat rapidly. Watch your physique transform, as your body becomes a furnace for fat!

However, when it comes to home fitness equipment for boxing, most products don’t provide you with the feedback necessary to see your fitness progress. In fact, while standard boxing equipment such as speed and heavy bags are a great way to exercise and release some frustration, the luster is quickly lost without the guidance of a personal trainer.

At Nexersys, we developed our fitness equipment as a form of boxing equipment meant for everyone from the UFC contender to the person who wants to get fit, have fun and stay motivated. Users of the Nexersys kick and strike eight padded accelerometers through a series of follow-me programs that provide real-time feedback. It’s like having your very own personal trainer at home where you get to interact with your boxing equipment — almost like playing a video game on the heavy bag.

While you may have no desire to become the next UFC version of Anderson Silva or play tennis like Serena Williams, adding boxing equipment to your training regimen can certainly help you look and feel as if Zeus was looking out for you too!


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