Changing the Way We Look at Health and Fitness

Health and fitness. Magazines are dedicated to it. Television cable networks devote entire channels to the subject. Gym franchises are a multi-billion dollar business sector. And, in the last several years, video game designers have begun developing electronic games where users exercise more than just their thumbs.

In a health summary report released in December 2010 from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), more than half of adults surveyed say they have never participated in a vigorous physical activity in their free time. Combine this with alarming statistics related to heart disease, hypertension and other instances of poor health; health and fitness should take on even greater importance in our lives. Yet, with our busy schedules and so many exercise options from which to choose, what does health and fitness really mean?

It seems that possibly the most distressing item in the CDC report was the word “never.” That leaves the possibility that more than half the U.S. population may be over-stressed, highly susceptible to chronic disease, overweight, getting poor sleep and operating every day with low energy.

While it may seem obvious that health and fitness are symbiotic, many consumers see fitness only as a method to improve their body composition. And while weight loss or weight control is an extremely beneficial byproduct of exercise, vigorous physical activity can have immediate health benefits, such as improvements in mood, better sleep, higher energy and a stronger immune system.

Yet, part of the challenge of overcoming a sedentary lifestyle begins with commitment and motivation. In our fast-paced lives, we construct barriers that prevent us from improving our health. The television engages us and becomes our interaction with the world, and the sheer volume of our daily responsibilities gives us an excuse to let home fitness equipment sit idly in a corner collecting dust.

Sophisticated software built into the Nexersys acts as a personal trainer helping users achieve their health and fitness goals. The Nexersys isn’t another part of some fitness craze. It is a staple of a health and fitness lifestyle that aims to be a key ingredient in changing the way we look at both exercise and our health.



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