Core Strength: More Than “Six Pack” Abs

When you think of strengthening your “core,” do you think of six-pack abdominals? Having ripped abs is certainly a motivating home fitness goal, and looking great lounging by the pool or on the beach can help keep us encouraged to power through tough workouts with our favorite fitness equipment. Yet, ripped abdominal muscles aren’t always a good indicator of solid core strength and stability. In fact, your abdominal muscles are only one part of what it takes to improve your athletic performance and get that beach body you have been dreaming of. Let’s dive in for a closer look at what core strength is all about and the benefits of a solid trunk and torso.

Whether your fitness goals include simply looking great in swimwear, improving your golf game or getting prepared for a summer of water sports like surfing and water skiing, core strength training is essential. You use muscles surrounding your trunk and pelvis every day when you twist and turn your body. The groups of muscles that make up your core include your abdominals, obliques, hip, hamstring and back. Your core muscles are a platform that affects other muscles in the body such as your shoulders, arms and legs. And the strengthening of your core can help improve the performance of these peripheral muscles, improve your balance and reduce your risk of injury. Core muscles also stabilize the area around your spine, helping minimize the possibility of back injury. Developing your core can even help heal an ailing back.

It’s easy to think that traditional sit-ups and crunches are all that is necessary to build a strong and stable core. While both are good fitness routines and can help tone and tighten abs, a complete home fitness routine requires an assortment of repetitive exercises that focus on the muscles in and around your pelvis and trunk.

At Nexersys, we designed our machine to focus on striking, cardio and high-intensity and interactive training, as well as your core muscles. The unique training programs — using an on-board personal UFC trainer — will help you achieve those “six pack” abs while simultaneously strengthening your back, hips, legs and stomach. Exercising with the Nexersys will not just tone and make your arms and legs stronger, you will see improvements in your athletic performance on the course, in the water and on the court as well.


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