Fitness Equipment: The Nexersys Helps Break the Fitness Plateau

When it comes to using fitness equipment, staying motivated is easy when your goals, such as weight loss or improvements in stamina, strength and mental well-being, easily stem from your efforts. Yet, the human body is an interesting study in its ability to adapt to the physical demands placed upon it. For many of us, that physiological adjustment might mean the hard work, disciplined training and diet we have so carefully pursued unexpectedly becomes a frustrating experience. Declines in physical gains as the body becomes accustomed to a routine can lead to a lack of motivation, further setting back our exercise goals. To break out of a fitness funk, you need a home fitness machine that will deceive your body and your mind.

The dictionary defines plateau as a “period or state of little or no growth or decline.” Breaking a plateau means tricking your body into believing the routine has changed by varying the intensity and level of difficulty. However, the real first step on the path back to fitness excellence begins with realizing that a plateau is just that – a period or state. Awareness that the leveling off of your fitness results is only temporary can help you motivate and push your training further.

At Nexersys, our sophisticated interactive software built into the Nexersys acts as a personal coach, helping guide users through a carefully calibrated series of follow-me programs. This striking machine is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is a fabulous method for varying routines and keeping the body from adapting to exercise habits. And while the Nexersys allows the exerciser to control his or her pace and development, unique training programs — using an on-board personal UFC trainer — help keep the exercises and routines fresh and the body constantly challenged.

Getting your body to respond after reaching an fitness plateau may seem discouraging, especially for those who train from home. Maintaining the discipline — and not just stuffing home fitness equipment in the corner — requires a home fitness machine that interacts and keeps the user motivated, actively alternating training routines. At Nexersys, we built the Nexersys with the knowledge that home fitness is more than just exercise. It’s a state of mind.


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